First Up: A Trip to Covington to Finish a Passport or Two

My wife and apparently our puppy (ATV-60 mascot) Diamond had not been down to Casey Field so we headed down to check in with Dizzy and Boo Boo. I as Boo Boo if they were ready for the All-Star game and he said "As ready as we are ever going to be!" I think we are in Good Hands with these guys calling the shots....
The Gator Bus - Way Cool
Lumberjacks bus is stylin too
Game 1 Action from the Double Header
Covington put up a 4 Spot on the Gators early
Nicholas Spisak at the dish
Tied up for a bit in the third inning
This pic is for Generals Sign Guy Mike
Site of the 2008 All Star Game !
Lammar Guy swinging the bat
My Man Dizzy taking in the action
My brother Wayne out from Indiana and my wife at Casey Field
More game action
Dizzy above & Boo-Boo below
Hey Boo Boo- How's about an All-Star Game ?(Insert Yogi's voice)
Gotta get me one of these shirts
Or maybe this one!
Lumberjacks at the dish
Gator Brass down with the team
Another one for Mike-
Chad Pierce of the Gators
Hope to see these filled up tomorrow night
Another Day at the Ball Yard
Ty Legan & Scott Lambert of the Gators
Hey- I met this guys parents- Greg Desantis
Sitting on top of the duggout
Diamond was quick to tell me- Dad, you hadn't taken me to Covington yet- until today!
More action shots
Andrew Longley and #2- I need to get an updated name
This looks like a serious baseball fan- or just an older brother

Time to head out to Staunton for another Completion Ceremony!
See Ya Tomorrow!

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