Next: A Trip to Staunton to Honor the Grants

Left Knoxville (Quick visit to an ill Mom) to go to Covington and then on to Stauton for the Grants Evening @ The Park. Had to stop at the Mall for a quick minute for a new shirt

In and out in only 13 minutes
Kay giving the Grants a hug and a special thank you card
Check out the little one next to the Ump!
A close up of the Little Guy
And a few of his friends
Kay keeps the Banner up for Every Braves Home Game
More Pre-Game Festivites
He has only been in town for a day and he is already carring a Passport!
Adam McClain and a few of his team mates
Staunton News-Leader Camera Man hard at work
Skipper MikeBocock
Andrew Scherer heading back to the duggout
Boyd in between bites- Always a gracious host!
Greg Meleski at the plate
Kay back behind the counter- working as hard as ever
More than just a sign- a way of life
Wranglers Owner Bill Turner and Wayne Carter sharing a moment
Diane Buckley- trying to hide or did I just miss ?
The VBL Master of the Pick-Off Move !
The Commish sporting a Cool All-Star Cap....
The Wranglers Bull Pen
Smink working on a new routine and Jeremy Cruz
3RD Baseman Stephen Branca and Bocock- McClain blocked by the pair
Mr. Blake McDade (Middle Tenn. State)
Furture Staunton Brave ?
Great crowd- everynight at the Braves home games
Josh Wenderoth (26) and a few of his friends
OSU's Andrew Armstrong on the Mound
2-0 Wranglers early- 11-5 Wranglers Final
Boyd and his daughter Laura at the front gate
Wrangler Moms'- This nice lady Debbie is in charge of protecting your youngins' on the road trips
And here is a pic of her/ Wranglers charter bus....

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