Day #70- End of Week #10... A time for Thanks ! Media Outlets First

The 10TH and final week of the season is coming to a close and I believe that the only official business left for the VBL is the post season awards. The league will name a Manager of the Year (Mo Weber Award) as well as a 1ST and 2ND all VBL team. Toss in a MVP award and you are in business.

I should also add that Luray is back up to #3 in the nation in the latest poll and with the number of teams expanded from 16 to 32, Waynesboro came in at #18. There will be at least one more poll before the end of the summer.
It will take me a number of lists to say Thank You to everyone that helped make this project a little more visible so I had better get started...

Bill Meade (Sports Editor) and Randy Arrington (Editor) of the Page News and Courier...

John Galle (Sports Editor) and Susan Thompson (Editor) of the Shenandoah Valley Herald

Chris & Crystal Graham of the magazine- THE NEW DOMINION

Kip Ritenour (Sports Editor) of the Warren County Sentinel

Shaun Cox (Sports Writer) and Hubert Grimm (Sports Editor) of the Staunton News-Leader

Mike Barber and company from the Daily News Record of Harrisonburg

Chip Crabill and Sean Youngberg (ESPN-1240) WTON- Waynesboro

Damon Dillman and Zac (TV-3) of Harrisonburg

John Leonard of All Things Valley League

Mike Schikman of WSVA 550 AM - Harrisonburg

Austin and the folks at Virginia Living Magazine


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