The Pictures You've Been Waiting For: Your 2008 VBL Champions

Enjoy these photos. There are a lot of celebration shots toward the end!

Ms. Barbara Black singing the National Anthem

Great to see the bleachers so full

Game #3 Action

Alex Wimmers (Ohio State University)

Bulldog Field was the place to be

Ryan Carroll (L) and Seth McGuffin (R) doing the web cast

The Jacks getting losse between innings

Check out the hustle

Ryan Schimpf at the dish

Ryan rounding third base after his 3RD dinger of the finals

After his 4TH finals HR came later his mates were asking is that all you can do?

Smiling faces were abound as the Wranglers closed in on the Crown

Haymarket Joe was down for both games 1 & 3 clicking away

Gus Miller (OSU) and check out the ball there at the end of the bat

The Park really was Standing Room Only!

Far right side- Jason (Covington) and Bill Turner visit

Hard working Bill Meade and his camera Lady Rebecca Armstrong

Did we mention , Great Crowd?

Did we just hit another home run? Check out Bill Meade out there trying to capture the moment

Talk about staying on your toes!

Juno working his 50-50 magic out in the crowd

The "L" sprayed in the dirt

Donnie and the gang might have needed police escorts as they collected over $500.00

From folks off all ages...

Always looking for fans of all ages

More shots of the crowd

1ST base side of the diamond

Check out the stands behind the action

Did that Ryan do it again?

Adam McClain (Memphis) at the plate

Our good friend John Leonard (All Things Valley League) hard at work

Everyone wanted a good seat to watch this one from

Serious look from the on deck circle

Jeff & Diane Buckley (Wranglers GM) enjoying the action

How cool id it to have so many fans at the finals!

More game action from Game #3

Check out the leg lift just before impact

This young man was just plain "Nasty" all night long!


This young man should win some sort of Award or something

Jeff Jefferson (Liberty) scored the fourth and final Wrangler run

And this made many a home team fan smile

I think they know they are getting close

And they know that #2 (Ryan Schimpf) helped them be #1

Let the celebration begin for the 2008 VBL Champs !

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