Luray at Covington in Photos (Game Two)

Time for captions comes later! Enjoy the pictures, until then!

Next year!

Can't wait for opening Day!

The drive to Covington is full of sights and sounds

Not sure what Rebecca was after here?

I like this one though!

Check out the rolling hills!

No weather issues over the last few days!

Almost there!

Welcome to the "Mayberry of the VBL"

Neat little town!

Getting Loose before 1ST pitch !

Do you think they would let me try?

Ms. Barbara Black

The Little Wranglers

Skip- just after getting them fired-up

Turner Ashby / ODU's Josh Wright

Neat Angle

Mr. Bill Turner- Wranglers Owner

G-S-G Mike- This one is for you !

Drew Rucinski- Game 2 Starter

Now it is Covington's turn

C.J / Ryan & Jeremy

C.J at the dish

Gus Miller (Ohio State)

Nice action shot

Bocock guiding his troops !

Here is a keeper

C.J saying I can make it Skip!

Gus taking a swing

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