ATV-60 Pic on its way to The Daily Review in Morgan City, La.

I just finished reading another great 1 on 1 written by John Leonard from his recent sit down with Woodstock's Gary Kahn. Two people visiting together that have both managed to combine athletics and academics! Head over to ATVL for a chance to read the story.

Right at the end of the story I received a neat phone call concerning the Sports Editor (Jon Martin) of the hometown paper of New Market's David Burch. Burch (U of New Orleans) is listed as being from Berwick, La and Jon's newspaper is from Morgan City. Mr. Martin was interested in running one of my/our pictures from the All-Star game down in Covington.

The actual photo in question was taken in the lobby of the McDonald's there in Covington as we were waiting to order a late dinner before making the trip back to New Market. David and his father were in line next to Bruce Alger with me standing behind the three of them when the light bulb came on- here is a great shot for a Rebel family photo!

I talk about the main purpose of the actual promotion but I haven't talked nearly as much about the blog that goes with it. The format is very simple- a place to trade VBL stories and share VBL photo's and it is a two way avenue/street. We welcome all those interested to send in their stories and/or photos that would like to share. This is not my sight or my take on the VBL- it is a common site that's sole purpose it to makes someones day!

I asked Jon to let us know when he runs the photo so we can link to it from this end. You can check things out down in Morgan City by clicking on . We will let you know when the photo runs as well. Thanks so much for the Rebel fan that started the pics in the direction of Morgan City.

The feeling is kinda like a message in a bottle coming a shore after you released it 1,000 miles away. As always everything we post on our site is available FREE OF CHARGE- and we always like talking with the folks that want to share in it.

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