Good Morning to Day #50 of Around The Valley- Time to hit the road !

Big things are going to happen today- Saturday July 19TH, 2008.
Let us start with the two friends of the promotion that will cross the line of the ATV-60 loop
today in Warrenton when their Generals face the home town Gators. Mike (Generals Sign Guy) Kerr and his buddy Chuck Harris will become Waynesboro fans 3 & 4 to complete the trek. Mike
has been a big part of us being able to share as much info as possible across the Valley and I am looking forward to adding both Mike & Chuck to the ATV-60 Wall of Fame tomorrow night.
The duo from Kate Collins Field won't be the only ones to collect their final passport stamp tomorrow as the family of Jeff and Diane Buckley head north to Front Royal for the Wranglers- Cardinals contest. The Buckley's and their two daughters have been Around The Valley and then some with Diane's job of Wranglers General Manager but they missed out on the teams first trip up to the Bing. We mentioned Jeff and his being there every step of the way for Diane but we should tip the cap to the group of them for supporting both the VBL and the ATV-60 by taking the time to collect their stamps. Madison and Morgan have ridden in the car to the likes of Covington, Waynesboro and Haymarket- not always the fun thing to do during the summer time when young ones have numerous options of things to do in the neighborhood.
I will be trying to complete the task of getting the remaining ball parks some copies of the New Dominion magazine that was released this week by Chris & Crystal Graham down in Augusta County. One of my stops will be in Haymarket which will allow me to finish my second complete loop of the VBL parks. I didn't realize that I had not been to Haymarket but one time so I am happy to put at least the number two up by each ball park.
There will be stops in Fauquier and Front Royal for sure and who knows what will happen past that as we celebrate Day #50 of #60 AROUND THE VALLEY !

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