Final thoughts as Day 46 rolls into Day 47- 1ST VBL Playoff birth on the line Wednesday night

Good Night or to some Good Morning!- One more look at my notes as Day 46 and Day 47 collide.

Waynesboro (23-10) travels to cross county rival Staunton on Wednesday and with a Generals victory coupled with a Winchester win at Harrisonburg, Waynesboro would clinch the 1ST VBL playoff birth. Waynesboro and Luray (23-10) both have reduced their magic number down to two but the Wranglers have Wednesday night off so skipper Lawrence Nesselrodt and his team can reach the post season tonight with a little help from the Royals.

ATV-60 will be traveling up to the Bing tonight to celebrate our newest addition to the ATV-60 Wall of Fame- Mrs. Linda Keen. Linda has completed her Passport to become the 15TH person to make the entire VBL Loop. I have to believe "The Commish" has been to all of the parks but we will need to check his passport. Bruce Alger and his New Market Rebels will be facing off with the Cards after the ceremony.

Andrew Struckmeyer travels with the Vienna Senators and yesterday he was oh so gracious in helping me out with each and every one of the Sens players name. That can be hard to do when they played baseball for over 6 hours. Thanks Andrew!

I wanted to clear up one comment that came up earlier today when I was able to visit with Mike at the house. We were talking about how I ended up traveling to at least one VBL park each and every night for what is now 46 days. He mentioned his thoughts on the streak being broken by the fact that there was no game played at either park I attended back on Sunday night. The rains postponed both the New Market game that I was scheduled to do the web cast for and then roughly 2 hours later, the Turks game was pushed back as well.
I went on to note that happened for the second time this season but that I was not counting how many official games I had been to- my mission statement for the 2008 VBL season was this:

If one of the 11 owners had their lights on and were open for business with people at the park, then I would take my camera and note pad out to the car and drive there to see if I could help the greater cause of the VBL. The trip to Harrisonburg turned out better than I could of hoped for because it gave me the opportunity to visit with thirty or forty dedicated Turks fans, meet Andy Chalot of the Lumberjacks, take 50 more pics and then the next day receive a wonderful e-mail from Mrs. Turks (Teresa).
I try and leave the official stats and official game info to the serious baseball folks to worry with while I simply try and count how many wonderful stories I can run across and how many people I can try and make smile!

That brought me to try and figure how many times I had been to each park during business hours on game day.. Here is what I know:53 Park visits over 46 days

Luray Wranglers- 14 Times---------------------2 ceremonies/ 3 people
New Market Rebels- 10 Times (2 Rain Outs)------2 ceremonies/ 2people
Front Royal Cards- 6 Times---------------------1 ceremony/ 2 people
Woodstock River Bandits- 4 Times
Harrisonburg Turks- 4 Times (2 Rain Outs)
Staunton Braves- 3 Times---------------------1 ceremony/ 2 people
Waynesboro Generals- 3 Times---------------------1 ceremony/ 2 people
Covington Lumberjacks- 3 Times
Winchester Royals- 3 Times
Fauquier Gators- 2 Times
Haymarket Senators- 1 Time---- Have run into Bernie & Co. many times on the road (5) but not so much at home.

The next few days will include:
Wednesday 7/16 Ceremony #2 at The Bing (New Market @ Front Royal)
Thursday 7/17 Home Game at Luray vs. Staunton
Friday 7/18 Home Game at Luray vs. New Market

Future ceremony dates planned:
7/22 @ Waynesboro (Mike & Chuck)
7/23 @ New Market (Melissa & Noah)
7/26 @ Harrisonburg (Group of Turks) !

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