Chris and Crystal Graham's ATV-60 & ATVL Feature in The New Dominion Magazine!

It dawned on me as I was trying to devise a plan to get copies of the magazine to each of the 11 parks I was forgetting about all the folks that read our writing and look at our pictures but don't live in Virginia! The link to the page where you can read about both our adventure (Around The Valley in 60 Days) and John Leonard's site (All Things Valley League) is .

Thank Chris for the words and Crystal for the design and we THANK them both for not just the story but all the help they have provided during our journey!

For those of you that take the time to read the story there are only two notes I need to make :

1. My daughter Sabrena- her name is spelled with an E not an I. No trouble there Chris- people tell me all the time that the rest of the world spells it right and that I goofed up.

2.The line that says- I can't ask people to drive to Covington or Haymarket.

This line should say I can't ask people FROM Covington or Haymarket to try and pull this off. The tough task that the good folks down in Covington face is every road game is a road trip. The distance that they would have to commute 10 times would be too, too much. The situation for the Senators fans in Haymarket is close to being as difficult.

My hopes were that a fan in Harrisonburg,Woodstock, New Market, Staunton and Waynesboro would jet out a make the loop with only a couple of mid range drives in the mix. Folks in Luray, Front Royal and Winchester would face a tougher climb and then the people in Fauquier, Haymarket and Covington would have an incredibly difficult time completing the circuit.

I went as far as telling Dizzy (L-Jacks owner) that if one of his fans made the loop the should be named Mayor of Covington for the day! The thing I needed from the three outer parks was simple- a smiling face that had a stamp in their hand- saying welcome to Covington, Haymarket or Fauquier. All three of the teams did just that and there is a group or two in Haymarket that is flirting with finishing the loop.

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