Breaking News from Around the Valley- Generals are in the VBL Playoffs/ Wranglers magic number down to 1!

Following the action around the VBL tonight with a little help from Generals Sign Guy Mike we are now able to report that the Waynesboro Generals have clinched the 1ST playoff birth of the eight that are awarded.
Waynesboro (24-10) rallied from down 4-1 to the red hot Staunton Braves to take a 5-4 lead only to have the Braves tie it up in the bottom of the ninth. Pinch hitter Brandon Sizemore hit a 3-run double in the top of the 10TH inning to give the visitors an 8-5 victory.
When word came out of Memorial Stadium that the visiting Winchester Royals had defeated the Turks by a score of 4-0, they were dancing in the streets down at Kate Collins. Okay- dancing in the streets might be a reach but I am sure Waynesboro skipper Lawrence Nesselrodt had told his team- you can't defend the title if you don't make the playoffs.

Congrats to Jim Critzer, Lawrence and his staff and all of the gang that supports the Generals !

Luray was idle tonight but the Wranglers magic number for making the post season is now down to one.

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