10 Reasons I Love John Leonard & His All Things Valley League

When I started tinkering with idea of this promotion for the 2008 Valley Baseball Schedule one of the first people I contacted was Mr.John Leonard. I made a list of things that would need to happen for the promotion to have an opportunity to get off the ground and John was at the top of the list for two reasons.

The first reason was the amount of viewers/ readers he had spread across the baseball community already and the second reason being John is one of the main reasons for the promotion itself. I must thank Rebel broadcaster Tony Mowat for directing me in the direction of ALL THINGS VALLEY LEAGUE last season. Tony would make reference to the site at least once or twice during each web cast we would do so I started out reading the blog back then and I haven't stopped.

Our trips thru the Valley this season has been a non stop search for hero's behind the scenes at each park and ways to tell their stories. If you are looking for a hero behind the Valley Baseball League you need to look no further than Mr.John Leonard. The amount of time, energy, effort and class that goes into his efforts makes me proud to consider him a friend as well as a friend of the promotion.

This morning I was reading his post and he made me smile when he listed his disclaimers before starting his recap. John was quick to point out that he/I/we are writing about college athletes and that is why both of us will always stay away from being critical of their efforts. We are proud to have an association with John and whenever you want to click over to check out his articulate work just slide over to the right and click on his feed.

The other night when I threw out the first pitch at New Market I noticed that John was standing nearby and it only took a second to realize that I wouldn't be heading out to the mound of Bruce Alger's invitation if it had no been for the efforts I had witnessed from John. When I look back at the end of this run and want to smile about the memories, anytime spent with John and his family will be pretty high up on the list.

This picture was featured on his website and we love it!

John-I am getting ready to head over to Rebel Park for the web cast tonight and I will make sure the first round up in the Crows Nest is a toast to you (don't worry- it will only be bottled water, we are already afraid of the 90 foot drop!)
As the kids say- John- You da man!

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