Update on Volleyball Book: Season of A Lifetime

We wanted to make sure that all of the GIFT copies of our volleyball book had been given out before we made the book available to the teams' Family & Friends. The book follows the road that lead the Strasburg Rams all the way to Richmond where they captured their State Championship. My daughter Sabrena did the layout on the book and it includes stories from team players, coaches, parents and a host of others.

The bulk of the writing was done by me but Shenandoah Valley-Herald Sports Editor John Galle added a season wrap at the end of the book. You can take a look at the book or purchase a copy by going to www.lulu.com and using the search box at the top- Punch in Season of A Lifetime (Or you can click on the above picture of the cover of the book and it'll take you directly to the site.)

The story is as much about a mother and daughter relationship as it is about the State Title and I feel blessed to have been there to document the tale.

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