3 VBL Double Headers Now on Tap/ Update from Omaha

I was scrolling down the remainder of the VBL schedule (My wife still has to make 3 more parks and is only home on the week ends) and I noticed three different times where there are now double headers on the page. In the good old days before life in MLB became all about the $$$, it would not be out of the ordinary to see a DH pop up once or twice on a Big League teams schedule. But now a days the only DH you will see is a Day/Night double dip where the cost of admission can be charged twice.
Double Headers are great (except when they take place in the Lubbock,Texas sun and 95 degree heat for 7 hours and then you can't walk for all of the sunburn- see notes from DBU @
Texas Tech) for the fans. Now you will have 3 chances to catch a 4:00 PM / 7:30 PM double header on these following days:

June 28TH- Staunton @ Fauquier
July 5TH- Fauquier @ Covington (Day before All Star Game in Covington)
July 26TH- Luray @ Fauquier (Day before last day of season)

Checking in on the College World Series-
It took two days to play the game but UNC finally eliminated LSU when Tar Heel catcher
Tim Federowicz hit a ninth inning Grand Slam to give the ACC school a 7-3 over the Tigers.
Georgia (2-0) will face Stanford (2PM-Sat) while UNC will face Fresno State (2-0)(7PM-Sat) in the next set of games.
Georgia or Fresno State advance to the best 2 of 3 Championship series with a single victory where UNC or Stanford must win two straight to advance

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