On a dark and stormy night there was the tale of the three ball games!

Monday, Monday.... Make-up day was here and the schedule had three games on it and the story sorta went like Goldie Locks & The Three Bears...

Haymarket @ Woodstock- The call was made before the opening pitch to give way to the weather for a second time on the Senators and River Bandits showdown. I didn't hear exactly
when the no play call was made but lets hope it was before Haymarket boarded the bus.

Luray @ Waynesboro- Luray waited until 5:30 ish to board the team bus as the weather/storms were dominating the headlines. The Wranglers finally arrived just prior to 7:00 p.m. and the start of the game was moved back with the hopes of sneaking 9 innings into the books. Luray had made the 65 mile trip south the first time this game was on the schedule and wasn't sure about doing it again. The game got started late and Generals Sign Guy Mike was keeping me updated every couple of innings until they pulled the plug around 10:30 p.m. during the bottom of the 7Th inning.

was leading 3-0 and I believe that is the way it went into the books.

Harrisonburg @ New Market- The game I was at made it into the bottom of the seventh as well
before the lightning and rain showers halted the contest. The Turks had retaken the lead with 3 runs in the top of the 7TH (6-4) and New Market had one out in the bottom of the seventh when play was halted. The difference between this one and the other two was the teams waited out the storm and resumed play 54 minutes or so later.

New Market rallied to cut the lead to 6-5 and threatened again in the bottom of the ninth. The Rebels had the tying run on second base with just one out by Harrisonburg closed out the game with a pair of strike outs to secure their third straight victory. The game ended around 11:15 p.m. with about 15 fans still in the park but 14 of them were excited Turks fans.

I have got to get to work but I have some cool notes from the broadcast and both of the Mr.D's from H'Burg were hanging out in the Crows Nest with us. The man behind the camera of TV-3 and the man covering the game for the DNR both were great to share a laugh or two with. Please visit the site www.dnronline.com for the game recap and I will finish my thoughts later!

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