5 Questions with Luray's Travis Smink

Just to show that it wasn't all fun and games down in the Wrangler pen, I did manage to ask VMI's pitcher a few questions...

1.You are coming back from Tommy John surgery, describe the experience...
"It was the worst pain I have ever felt in my life. I didn't experience the Pop that everyone talks about but after two more pitches I knew I was in trouble."
2.Which was tougher to handle, the injury or the rehab?
"The rehab was the worst part. I was going through it 3 times a week trying to get back into playing shape."
3. Where there ever any doubts you would make it all the way back?
"There were days were I wondered about it but I just kept focusing on being positive through it all."
4. How would you rate your start in the Valley season up to now?
"I didn't start a game this season until the very end at VMI, when one of our starters was hurt so to be 3-0 after three starts I'm pretty happy. I will be back out there Thursday night against New Market again. Cory Johnson really helped me out against them last time with his 2 homers."
5. Do you have any competition for the UN-official team joker here on the staff?
"I would have to say that Kyle (Cichy) is pretty funny as well. I knew the first night when the 10 of us that were here got together that we had something special."

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