ATV-60 / Bruce Alger All-Star Bus Trip leaves today...

The day of the VBL All-Star game down in Covington is finally here and that means it is time for the ATV-60/ Bruce Alger's Rebels Fun Bus to pull out of Rebel Park! During the off-season when I learned two things- the Rebels had purchased a Team Bus and that the All-Star game was being played down at Casey Field. I approached Mr. Alger with an idea on how we (him and I) might could get some fans down to collect a Covington stamp for their passport. The idea was simple- if Bruce would be willing to provide the bus for use that I would provide the gasoline for the trip down to Covington for the game.

The cost of gasoline would be a factor for most people and the hope was simply see if we could provide an alternative for some folks. The plan did not come without some glitches though. The 1ST one being that the festivities start around 4:00 PM and the players pre-game meal begins around 3:00. Doing the math, that has us needing to leave Rebel Park by 12:30 PM and not pulling back in until the early hours of Monday. Monday is a work day and the idea of being gone for 12+ hours has proven to be more than most people could bargain for but we knew that going into the idea.

Covington is a neat place and the day will be a one of a kind adventure for the taking. The offer for any people still riding the fence is still out there.... Just get in touch with us for an adventure of a life time.....

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