Friday, July 11, 2008

The VBL makes it offical- Lexington will lace them up in 2008!

The VBL and the good folks down in Lexington will hold an 11:00 AM Press Conference today to announce that the league will welcome the Rockbridge Rapids into the fold for the 2009 season. While the news is not new to me, I was hoping that the secret could be kept until the ceremony at Washington & Lee took place.

I picked up a copy of the DNR this morning while putting out the Post so I could check out the gamer that Mike Barber wrote on the Luray- Harrisonburg game and noticed that Dustin Dopirak was sharing the above the fold with Barber. The DNR lead- VBL Adds Team- Lexington Finally Joins Valley League. You can check out the story at . Dustin did a great job of covering all the bases and added quotes from Covington, New Market, VBL officals and the group owning the team... Nice story Dustin & Congrats to Rapids Owner-Jim Crothers and General Manager-Ken Newman !!


Anonymous said...

I am happy they are finally in the league and welcome, now their 1st game probably should be vs Covington or even say the VLB Champion either at home or away.


From the Sponsors said...

Just wish that the story had come out after the press conference!