The VBL makes it offical- Lexington will lace them up in 2008!

The VBL and the good folks down in Lexington will hold an 11:00 AM Press Conference today to announce that the league will welcome the Rockbridge Rapids into the fold for the 2009 season. While the news is not new to me, I was hoping that the secret could be kept until the ceremony at Washington & Lee took place.

I picked up a copy of the DNR this morning while putting out the Post so I could check out the gamer that Mike Barber wrote on the Luray- Harrisonburg game and noticed that Dustin Dopirak was sharing the above the fold with Barber. The DNR lead- VBL Adds Team- Lexington Finally Joins Valley League. You can check out the story at . Dustin did a great job of covering all the bases and added quotes from Covington, New Market, VBL officals and the group owning the team... Nice story Dustin & Congrats to Rapids Owner-Jim Crothers and General Manager-Ken Newman !!

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