Friday, July 11, 2008

Pictures from Mr. Depotter and the Generals..Parents pics always welcome

I had the pleasure of meeting another parent that spends time following the blog and when I noticed he was carrying a camera I invited him to send some shots our way. Evan Depotter pitches for the Generals and his Dad (David) sent some pictures our way. Check them out! Thanks so much David Depotter....

You can view even more pics from Mr.Depotter over at John's sight @ AllThingsValleyLeague...

The skipper- Lawrence Nesselrodt leading infield practice
Mark Dvoroznak (WVU) sliding into second base

A simple game of pitch and catch
The next 3 pics are a test for the "Cameron Crazies" of the VBL
Can you identify the pitching motions of your
Generals as they dominate the Lumberjacks?
The two of us shared a laugh when we met by taking dueling pics of each other


Anonymous said...

Those pictures are great! This parent must have a SWEET camera. Do I get a free post from Lacey and Wayne's wedding after I get the pictures edited? That's VBL news!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is from Wednesday's Haymarket game which I wasn't able to listen to after the 5th. But I know the starter was #38 Daniel Bradshaw,which is the 1st picture. The 2nd picture I wanna say is #8 Brad Grove from UVA and the 3rd picture is #33 Daniel Wiltz. I do hope I am right on them. For sure I know the last pic is #31 Pete Vandenbout (Superfan Chucky favorite player.

From a distance its hard for me to picture a face unless I know the number. I hope I got them all correct on a game I wasn't able to go to and listen to half of.


From the Sponsors said...

Yes- Wayne Dowling wedding pics are definitely welcome here! Please let Wayne & Lacey know that our thoughts and prayers are with them on their big day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

alright i think i have this right but im not 100% sure about it but the first pic is #38 daniel bradshaw. 2nd pic is #10 "mr cool" shane ardoin. 3rd pic is #5 fleck (i forgot his first name and i think i spelled his last name wrong. sorry buddy) the fourth pic is "pistol" pete vandenbout.

good eye sniper

Anonymous said...

I had 2 of the 4 right on a game I didn't go to. Congrats to Benji he is great at knowing them without a number.