Monday, July 7, 2008

EVERY 5TH DAY- Greg Maddux Update/ Clay Kelly arrives safely at DBU!

My hero went back out to the hill tonight at home vs. Florida. The Marlins plated 2 runs in the top of the 4TH (1 earned, 1 UN-Earned) against Maddux. Greg allowed just 4 hits over 6.0 innings but once again the Friars offense could do little to help him. When he left the game in the top of the 7TH he trailed by a score of 2-1 and the bullpen gave up another run in the eighth inning so the best case decision is a NO decision- the worst case- another loss....

Will someone please get the Maddux voodoo doll out of Roger Clemens possession!!!

Win, Lose or Draw- Greg will always be the resident hero here at ATV-60 !

Clay Kelly arrived safely back at DBU, with 8 hours to spare before his 1st class. I am very thankful that this wonderful young man traveled safely half way across the country with a little help from above.

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Anonymous said...

Great to hear that he has arrived back at DBU safely. Hope he enjoyed his short stay here in Luray and enjoyed playing on the team.