End of Week #6- Good Week for Helping Out in the Valley

Week #6 is drawing to a close and it proved to be filled with highs and lows for us here @ ATV-60. The cost of transportation is effecting things on a number of fronts and the various newspapers ability to afford the normal coverage they give out is no exception.

This week we were able to help out four different publications with three sets of pics and one or two call in reports. We are always trying to find ways to help shine the light on the VBL as well as area high school athletes in our Valley and this week was full of opportunities. We will go back to Sunday at the All Star game in Covington. We were able to capture "art" on Jeff Jefferson winning the home run derby that made its way into the weekly edition of the Page News and Courier in Luray.
The game briefs made its way back to TK who was working the desk at the NVD. The info showed up in the Monday edition of the newspaper. Item #3 was for Kip Riteneour at the Warren County Sentinel who helped us out earlier with a GREAT story about the ATV-60. Kip keeps an eye on the blog and noticed a shot of FR Skipper Bob Brotherton and his four all stars(Kevin Crimmel, Tucker Pryor, Casey Albanese and Jesse Henry). More than happy to help Kip out and thanks again for keeping an eye on our efforts.

That brings us to our partner in the Strasburg Volleyball Project, John Galle of the Shenandoah Valley Herald. John was able to use two pics we took down at Christopher Newport University of Kaitlin Smoot and Katie Baker. John also had a photo that was credited to the VBL of the four award winners from down at Covington. Haymarket Joe and I were on the field taking the pics and I am pretty sure that one was one of over 700 taken by H-Joe on the night.

The fifth and final assist came about during our trip down to Waynesboro with John Leonard. My football broadcasting buddy Chip Krable was fighting with some malfucntioning equipment for his ESPN-1240 broadcast for the night and was in need of some quick assistance. Chip used my cell phone to broadcast the game until I could return from Radio Shack with the parts he needed. We here at ATV-60 spend most of our time looking for ways to help the cause and while sometimes you are just getting in the way, there are weeks where it really looks like you made a difference!

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