Day 41 Starts out with a bang on the E-Mail Side !

A quick check of the E-mail Box brightened up the day in a Hurry! Melissa Dodge and her son Noah will be picking up their final stamp tomorrow night with their Rebels make the trip over to Fauquier for a game with the Gators. Melissa has been a HUGE supporter of ATV-60 since she heard about the idea last year and for her and Noah (Husband-Charlie will soon complete the loop as well) to finish things up is great!
The great news doesn't stop there though, Buck Smith and his son Jacob will be closing out the loop when the make it to the Bing for a Cardinals game either Friday or Saturday night!
The Turks will be heading over to Luray for a game tonight that will allow what has now become a flock of Bob and Teresa's fans to pick up another block on their way to completing the loop. I knew of five of the Turks regulars but a great 45 minute conversation with Teresa this week informed me that the number might have doubled if not have tripled!
I also found a note from Mrs.Smoot letting me know that her husband Larry enjoyed himself at Woodstock the other night and that the evening proved to be a nice diversion.
Rebecca has added the e-mail for us to the top of the list so that all that have stories and or photos they are interested in sharing, they will know how to do so.

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