Bridgewater Tournament Schedule

A big "Howdy hey!" from the amazing University of Virginia. It has been a while since I've added to the blog, I know, but I wanted to take some of the weight of updates off of dad's shoulder if only for one night. Here is some information about the Bridgewater Tournament schedule brought to you thanks to Gregory Spector!

*Bridgewater College (BC)
*Pomona-Pitzer College (PPC)
*Randolph College (RC)
*Southern Virginia University (SVU)
*Sweet Briar College (SBC)

Quick Facts and Tie-Breakers

*The tournament will take place on two courts and will follow a round robin format.
*Final standings will be based on pool play finish.
*Two way ties will be broken by head to head results.
*If a three way tie occurs for first, teams will be ranked by game percentage, then point percentage.

Friday, September 19

Court A
4:00PM - PPC v. SBC
6:00PM - BC v. SVU

Court B
4:00PM - Open
6:00PM - RC v. SBC

Saturday, September 20

Court A
10:00AM - BC v. RC
12:00PM - BC v. SBC
--One hour lunch break
3:00PM - PPC v. RC
5:00PM - BC v. PPC

Court B
10:00AM - PPC v. SVU
12:00PM - RC v. SVU
--One hour lunch break
3:00PM - SVU v. SBC
5:00PM - Open

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