Investigation Pending : NVD's picks just too good to be true ?!

While I don't spend nearly the amount of time with the Sports Department staff at the Northern Virginia Daily as I did during my two years of writing for them, I do still read up on the efforts of Chuck McGill, TK, Craig Juer and Tim Tassa.

This week I ran across something that appeared to good to be true- the results from the previuos weeks picks under their "We're the Experts?" format. The staff gets together and make their picks and then they run them in the Friday morning edition of the NVD. My copy of the newspaper this Friday (9/12/2008) showed the following stats from Week #2:

1. Tommy (TK) Keeler 18-3
2. Chuck McGill 17-4
2. Tim Tassa 17-4
2. Craig Juer 17-4

Now these #'s would be impressive enough if they were in the opening round of March Madness where you have #1 vs. #16 and #2 vs. #15. But these numbers were achieved in Week #2 of High School and College Football while the NFL was in Week #1.

I will buy that TK is a keen to the Valley as anyone when it comes to Sports and can write a feature story with the best of them but 18-3??? To make matters more questionable his three young guns managed to post 17-4. Let's ask some folks if they would like further review of the stats...

Barry Bonds - People tell me that it is against human nature to get that much better once you reach a certain age, that Keeler fella has to be my age isn't he? Why don't a few of you guys get off my case for a while and go dig through their trash...

Pete Rose - You're telling me that he went 18 of 21 ? Do you think he would be willing to go to Vegas with me? If his buddies really nailed 17 of 21 they can come along on the plane...

Investigator - We have had our eyes out on folks like this group when it comes to the possibility of Insider Trading. There might be some Federal Wire Taps coming soon.

Ken Starr - Can I lead the investigation, I could use the work...

Enough already! I think you get the point... The Friday Sports section of the NVD is a must read here in the Valley. Chuck wrote a great story on the recent calls being made on the football field titled "Officials taking the fun out of Football". The call at the end of the BYU- UDUB (UW- for those not from the Northwest) got a number of people talking about it, including ESPN's Mark May. You can check out their work Monday-Saturday at !

We will keep you posted if the investigation leads to any charges against the Fab 4... I welcome the group to respond to the story with anything to help their case...

Someone must of tipped them off about the heat because the Week #3 numbers pending the Fab 4 all picking the Cowboys look like this:

Chuck 14-5, Tassa 14-5, TK 12-7 and Craig 10-8....

On a serious note - If you are a Northern Valley High School Football fan then you should take a look at Chuck's week-end work with their blog as well as the Friday & Saturday newspaper... It's Great Stuff!

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