Thursday, September 18, 2008

Picking games with the Page News and Courier- Week #4

Another great week-end of High School, NCAA and NFL football is ready to get under way and thanks to Bill Meade we get to have a little fun with it. Here are the 12 games he has picked out for the folks this week:

High School:

Strasburg @ Page County
Luray @ Madison County
Wilson Memorial @ Nelson County
R.E. Lee @ Broadway


Va. Tech @ UNC
LSU @ Auburn
West Virginia @ Colorado
Appy State @ James Madison 7:00 PM Saturday Night


Arizona @ Washington
Pittsburgh @ Phili
Jacksonville @ Indi
Dallas @ Green Bay

Generals Sign Guy Mike improved for the third straight week by going 7-5 last week and is now at 17-19. The group on board at the paper is led by Nerissa Viafora (24-12, 9-3)....
Good Luck...

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Anonymous said...

Here is my picks for Week 4:

High School:

Page over Strasburg
Madison over Luray
Wilson Memorial over Nelson
R.E. Lee over Broadway


UNC over Va.Tech
LSU over Auburn
West Virginia @ Colorado (Missed this pick but would have had Colorado)
JMU over Appy State


Washington over Arizona
Philly over Pitt
Indianapolis over Jacksonville
Green Bay over Dallas