Every 5TH Day with Greg Maddux : We need runs, any runs

Greetings from the parking lot of Johnny Appleseed's in downtown New Market. Just finished up week #5 of the ESPN-1240 Augusta County High School Game of the Week with Chip Crabill down in Waynesboro. Spotswood (2-3) put a hurting on the Waynesboro Little Giants tonight by a final score of 47-6.

Always fun to work with Chip and I made it out of the park in time to get back to New Market for the 10:40 PM start of the Giants @ Dodgers game. Greg Maddux is down to just a couple of more starts in the regular season and things looked good for two reasons.

1. Maddux was coming off his strongest start of the season. He pitched into the 8TH inning and allowed just 2 singles and 0 runs. Trouble is LA also scored 0 runs ...

2. Maddux has owned the San Francisco Giants over the years...

Combine the two and things looked good for Maddux to break the tie with Roger Clemens for the #8 spot and to also reach 5,000 innings pitched. There was simply NO way the Dodgers (winning 14 of 17) could fail to score for a third straight Maddux start, could they?

Greg reached the 5,000 inning mark but was UN-done in the fifth inning. He had surrendered three runs and there were two runners on base with two outs. Maddux got a fly ball to left field were Man-Ram managed to miss play the ball so bad he failed to even get a glove on it. As I said many a time with Tony and Dallas in the Rebels press box- play a ball so poorly that you don't even touch it and you escape the error.

The third out that should of been turns into a 2-run double and the next batter goes yard to turn a 3-0 game into a 7-0 game. Don't know which troubles me more- the ZERO for the Dodgers or the 3-earned runs that turned into 7-earned runs...

Last 3 starts for Greg -
Dodgers go 9 innings scoreless in their 4-0 Loss to San Diego
Dodgers go 10 innings scoreless in their 1-0 Loss to Colorado
Dodgers now have gone 6 more scoreless and trail 7-0 to San Fran

25+ innings of scoreless run support for Greg over the last 2 weeks...

There should be one more start for Greg during the Dodgers series against San Diego (23RD-24TH- 25TH) but nothing more. They have 8 games left after tonight and there is no telling what Joe Torre will do if and when the Dodgers make the playoffs. The record with the Dodgers stands at 1-4-1 ND.

I remember the night that Maddux went back to LA and Greg Brill laughed about the fact that at least Greg will receive some run support now after getting little from the Padres. Six starts with LA and the numbers are 1, 4, 5, 0 ,0 ,0 or 1.6 per game...

What does a guy have to do to get a little love from his team? The fact that they are 14-1 in the games not started by Maddux over the last 15 makes the question even more puzzling...

12:34 AM Update - Barry Zito has taken his shut out into the 8TH inning now- still 7-0


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