Charlie Dodge: The Father of Warren County Wrestling

Charlie Dodge was added to the Warren County's Lawrence M. Shiflett Hall of Fame on September 12 for his dedication and achievements while coaching the Warren County wrestling team. His plaque (pictured below) reads as such:

Charles T. Dodge

Warren County High School Head Wrestling Coach from 1986 to 1999: Referred to as the "Father" of Warren County Wrestling, Developed a middle school wrestling program, little league wrestling program, and helped to establish Massanutten Matmen Wrestling Club. Established and ran summer wrestling camps for youth. During his tenure, he coached 16 district champions, 5 regional champions, 24 all-region wrestlers, and 13 all-state wrestlers. Dodge finished his career with 116 team wins.
Quote: "Try hard, have fun and never quit."
September 12, 2008

Charlie Dodge: He's kind of a big deal...
  • Referred to as the “Founding Father” of Warren Co. Wrestling after resurrecting the program in 1986 following a year that WCHS did not field a wrestling team.
  • After building the program to it’s first winning season in 1991 the team went on to have 8 consecutive winning seasons with Charlie Dodge at the helm. That winning streak has continued to the present day (17 years).
  • Developed a middle school wrestling program at WCMS
  • Developed a little league wrestling program for Warren County.
  • Established and ran summer wrestling camps which brought in National and Olympic champion wrestlers as camp counselors.
  • Helped to establish the Massanutten Matmen Wrestling Club and acted as the club’s president for many years.
  • Virginia State editor for Wrestling USA magazine for over 10 years.
  • Under his directorship numerous tournaments were held in Warren County showcasing high quality wrestling by some of the best teams in the state.
  • After persevering through 5 losing seasons with a combined record of 17 wins, 58 losses, and 2 ties the following 8 years the record was 99 wins, 47 losses, and 1 tie.
  • During his tenure he had 16 district champions, 5 regional champions, 24 all-region wrestlers and 13 all-state wrestlers.
  • 3 of his last 6 teams finished 11th or better in the state tournament.
  • Charlie finished his career with 116 wins.
A Note from Mrs. Dodge (Alias: The Rabid Rebelle)
"Additionally, Charlie resurrected the wrestling program after it folded for about a year due to not having a coach. When Charlie started they didn't win a single match--mostly because he couldn't field a full team and they had to forfeit a lot of matches. But he hung on and year by year they improved until they became one of the strongest and most well known programs in the state. I mean, when you get an Olympic medalist like Bruce Baumgartner and hall of famer Wade Schalles to come and work your wrestling camps, I think you've arrived.
Needless to say I am very proud of Charlie. I know how very hard he worked, how much he cared, and how much he gave to the wrestling program. I know because all of the hours he gave to WC were hours not spent at home with the kids & I. Truth be told, I resented that for awhile but then realized how important it was to him and that he didn't make the sacrifice lightly. I also realized that this was precisely why I loved him so much--that he could commit so totally to a community of kids that needed this sport and needed him. It is touching and gratifying indeed to witness the warmth and esteem that the people of WC hold for him. He is one in a million! LUCKY ME!"

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