A different type of Double Header on tap for Saturday (Day 29)

My wife Linda has collected 10 of the 12 stamps she needs to finish out her Passport and she plans on taking the ATV-60/ Bruce Alger Bus down to the All-Star game in Covington so that leaves her in search of a trip over to Warrenton for a Fauquier Gators game. The twin bill that will take place tomorrow between the Staunton Braves and the Gators will give us the opportunity to sneak across the mountain and still make it back for the 7:30 PM game between
Luray and Woodstock.

I have to be back and behind the microphone for the Wrangler game by 7:15 PM so the 4:00 PM start for game 1 will be great. We will be getting to take care of a few things at the same time. Linda will be able to collect the 11TH stamp, Rebecca will be able to give Kay and Boyd a disc with some Braves pics on it and I will be able to get a second look at the beautiful field over at Fauquier High School.

Don't know if G-S-G Mike will be able to catch the first game of the twin bill on his way from Waynesboro to Front Royal. Stop laughing- US 522 does make it sort of on the way. Both games of our twin bill should be good ones as the night cap will be a battle of RED-HOT Teams. Woodstock comes over having won 7 of 9 (Please see Karma in an earlier post) and Luray was won 8 straight contests.

Rebecca is busy creating/adding all types of fun gizmo's and gadgets to our site to make it even easier to use! Stayed tuned...

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