Pics from Melissa & Haymarket Joe to share !

The inbox on the e-mail side had two different set of photos in there. One set is from Melissa Dodge and the other is from Haymarket Joe. Rebecca will be posting them for us all to share and if you have a set you would like to send this way just drop us a line at . We want to post any photos related to the VBL and we will make sure to give credit to the shutter bug....

I hope you enjoy!

Here is a link to Haymarket Joe's pictures from the Luray v. New Market game. To get an idea of the skill this guy has in taking pictures and how awesome the shots are, check a few out yourself and then head on over:

Here are some pictures taken by Melissa from the visitor's side at Bulldog park. Thank you so much Melissa for taking the time to send these to us straight from the lens of your new toy:

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