Mr. Damon Dillman (WHSV TV-3) & Mr. Frank Florio/Update on Alex Jones

Damon Dillman logs a lot of miles and puts a great deal of effort into the local sports on Channel 3 out of Harrisonburg. I caught up with him during my visit over to Harrisonburg the other night for the Wranglers game and Damon walked me thru the nightly process. His night starts out with a copy of both the RCBL and VBL schedules for the evening. Zach is his partner in crime on some nights and the two of them choose the path that will allow them to catch the most action for the evening. Once the plan is in place, it is out to company car and off to the ballparks. The night in question Damon started out at a RCBL game (Bridgewater vs. Montezuma) and then headed over to Memorial Stadium for the Turks game. Here are some notes from our conversation. If you dated Damon in his younger days you might have ended up a the Vet in Phili and there might of been a Bobble Head Figurine involved. Damon is a life long Phili fan and thinks the new park might be a touch nicer than the Vet. When heading to a park Damon says he is in search of 2 or 3 highlights. If he finds them early enough he will stay and search for better ones but if they don't jump out at him the amount of time he can stay is in direct relation to the distance the park is to the studio so he can get to the studio and start the editing process. We joked with Damon when he is up in the Crows Nest with us about being the hardest working man in show business and we mean it! Next time you see Damon or Zach- tell either one of them-this Root Beer is for you!

The last time we visited with this man- Frank Florio of Northern New Jersey he was telling me a pair of stories about both his son and the baseball book he is working on. Every now and then I run into a story that is important enough to let the story be told in their own words. Melissa Dodge took advantage to tell a wonderful story and when I bumped into Frank again down in Staunton two nights later I invited him to do the same. Frank- please sent me your story about the Home Run and the book when you can @

It is time to check in on Alex Jones (Covington). We heard from Mr.Jones a while back and have tried to keep his Dad updated on his son. Alex (Jacksonville State) is now 1-0 with an ERA of 3.75 over 12 innings. The 6'6 relief pitcher has appeared in 7 games for the Lumberjacks

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