On a day where we posted 12 times- Why not 1 more? Check out Craig Juer (NVD)

While I was out delivering the newspapers I stopped and picked up a copy of the NVD and found a VBL feature story on page C1 written by Craig Juer. The story is about a member of the Front Royal Cardinals (Jesse Henry) and is a great read. Just head over to www.nvdaily.com and look for the story titled "Just a Ballplayer".
Thanks Craig- keep up the great work!

Final scoring update from Thursday night-

Haymarket-4 Front Royal-3...... If the season ended today Haymarket would claim the 8TH & final playoff spot at 8-13

Front Royal (8-14) and New Market (7-15) have reached the seasons half way point and I will update the others as they hit the 22 game mark..

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