Waynesboro at Woodstock - Written by GeneralsSignGuyMike

Woodstock Edges Generals 4-2 in VBL Showdown
Written by: GeneralsSignGuyMike (Mike Kerr)

Here is the recap from the Waynesboro vs Woodstock tilt from Central High School.

Woodstock defeated Waynesboro 4-2 ending the Generals 5 game winning streak and now the River Bandits have won 6 out of their past 7 games. Kirby St John was your winning pitcher and Jeff Sinkiewicz was the losing pitcher who pitched 2 2/3 inns, 4 runs, 6 hits, and 2 walks.

Woodstock scored all 4 of their runs in the first 3 innings. Waynesboro did have chances in both the 2nd and 7th inning leaving the bases loaded both times. Chris Enourato had a RBI single in the 6th and Derek Hamblen and a RBI double in the 7th.

Here is now where the game gets sort of strange. Derek Hamblen leads off the 9th with a single and Brandon Sizemore then strikes out. After this Evan Webb walks and then play is called for a 3 minutes due to the 2nd base umpire having a restroom break. Ryan Adams is then called looking at strike three. Grant Buckner is up next and with a 1-1 count the pitcher Greg Waddell throws a wild pitch way over the catchers and umpires head and the ball goes into the net behind home plate. Hamblen is more than 3/4 to home and Webb who already stole second on the 1-0 count is on 3rd base and then the umpire says its a ball, not a wild pitch and not even a dead ball. Most of the Generals players are calling dead ball and asking to advance each player one base. But the umpire calls it a ball and asks play to continue with a lot of us being confused the next 2 pitches are called strikes and the game ends 4-2. I think it should be 4-3 at least. But if a ball is stuck in a net should it be called a dead ball? We will never know.

On to Front Royal tomorrow. GO GENERALS!


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