A Few Updates of Note

I'm trying to make sure that the site is really user-friendly and easily accessible! Here are a few things I've done to try and accomplish this:

  • Subscribe! You can subscribe, now. There's an option to do so above the Around the Valley in 60 Days logo. You can add it to your Google page, your Yahoo page or any one of 4 of other options. Click on the "atom" option to really be wowed. I think that is the best of the options because it's a page just for us! Selfish? Perhaps... Check it out!
  • New archive. I changed our archive to one that stores by the week rather than the month. We add so often that keeping it at a monthly archive made the site really long, even when our posts weren't. You're welcome!
  • Tags! I'm adding tags to all of our backed entries. This is taking me a while. I still have about 120 or so to do but I think it'll be worth it. You'll be able to select a team or a person and filter the posts to see only those regarding that person or team. Exciting!

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