50 is the Final Number and the Team Champs are Teresa's Turks !

I want to start out by saying that while I stayed away from doing a great deal of guessing I never envisioned 50 people making to the ATV-60 Finish Line!

I had ordered some inspirational coffee mugs to award as one last bonus prize to the two teams that showed the greatest support in the program and 1ST Place was a run-a-way as Harrisonburg finished with 18 Loopsters! Each of the Turkoopsters were awarded a Crystal Clear Delivery Coffee mug at their playoff game at Luray the other night.

The second highest total went to the efforts of the Luray Wranglers/ATV-60 Staff that claimed 10 of the 32 remaining spots. These folks were also awarded their YES I CAN/CCD coffee mugs at Bulldog Field back on Tuesday night.

The most pleasant surprise was the 3 finishers from Haymarket! When we set out I wasn't looking for fans from Fauquier, Haymarket or Covington to be able to complete the Loop because so many of the 11 parks would be major road trips for the fans...

We will have more fun later with the digits but right now it is almost game time and we have three questions that need answering...

A. Can Haymarket dig deep one more time and stay in the game with Waynesboro down at Kate Collins?
B. Which team in the 4 vs. 5 match-up will string together the most UN-answered runs between Staunton @ Winchester? The runs so far have been 7-0,0-7,1-0 and then 3-0,0-8...
C. Which starting pitcher will take control of the game @ Bulldog Field- A Turk or a Wrangler ?

See you at a VBL ball park!

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