Notes from Covington vs. Fauquier per Lumberjack Owner Dizzy Garten

I wanted to post a few quick notes from the one series that will not be needing a 3RD game on Thursday night. Covington swept Fauquier 2-0 on the strength of a 9-1 victory that was also delayed by a rain storm. When I met (Grandfather) Mr. Sizemore up in Haymarket he noticed me running around trying to share score with everyone that might need them.
He thanked me for taking the time to do that and mentioned that it really helps fans & family from out of town (in this case-Jacksonville,Fl) to keep up with the VBL. It takes two to tango as they say and on this one it was "Dizzy" that was keeping us updated.
Here is how it went:

Call 1 came in the fifth inning up in Haymarket- The game was late starting due to a storm and his Lumberjacks hung a 5 spot on the board during the bottom of the first. Two Lumberjacks went yard and I am sure John Leonard will be able to tell us later who they were.

Call 2- Dizzy had more good news for the home team as Covington had stretched their lead to 7-1 in the fourth inning.

Call 3- Two more runs had pushed the lead out to 9-1 in the seventh inning and Call 4 made it official- Final Score 9-1.. Congrats to the Lumberjacks as they now will get a day to rest before starting the second round on Friday night...

I would also like to take a minute and reflect on the season the Fauquier Gators just completed. The Gators finished tied for the third best record and played solid baseball all summer long before running into Covington.
I know the Gators were playing without some of their front line players the past two days and that made their task even more difficult. 1 final tip of the ATV-60 Cap to the season the Gators completed and best wishes to Alisson and Cecil for the Summer of 2009!

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