Haymarket Joe, Generals Sign Mike & Name that Rebel!

Notes from Day-59 of Around The Valley in 60 Days...

*I just got back in from collecting our stores and noticed some messages left and one of them really stuck out. Haymarket Joe had sent a note after reading My list for the season and noted that Melissa needs a nick name to along with H-Joe and GSG-Mike. We are open to suggestions on this one and then we can run them by her...

* Rebecca was over at Rebel Park last night to try and capture the ceremony where 4 New Market Rebels fans tossed out their first pitch. I know she is upstairs working on the post for Noah, Melissa and Charlie Dodge and Kay Helsey.

* Tonight we will be celebrating with Jeff & Madison Buckley over at Bulldog Field. This father and daughter team finished their loop back on Saturday when their Wranglers traveled to Warrenton to play the Gators!

* I have tried to stay as nuetral as possible for the season but I find myself hoping the Wranglers defeat the Generals tonight at Bulldog Field or maybe if the Generals win the two teams could stand out on the pitchers mound and play a game of Rock,Paper,Scissors to break the tie. I am sure that teams 3-6 will all be pulling for the Generals as they would all benefit from the VBL's two top teams having to travel back down to Waynesboro and burning thru their pitching staffs for another nine innings.

Four games on the books for tonight: All slated to start @ 7:30 PM

Fauquier @ Woodstock
Front Royal @ New Market
Covington @ Harrisonburg
Waynesboro @ Luray

Off- Haymarket( # 7 or 8), Winchester (#4) and Staunton (#5)
Tonight I will be at Luray for the Wrangler game so I thought I would update my count after game night 59... # of Home Games Attended

1. Luray Wranglers 20
2.New Market Rebels 12 (3-Rain Outs)
3.Front Royal Cards 8
4. Harrisonburg Turks 6 ( 2- Rain Outs)
5.Waynesboro Generals 5
6. Woodstock River Bandits 4
6. Winchester Royals 4
8.Staunton Braves 3
8. Fauquier Gators 3
8. Covington Lumberjacks 3
11. Haymarket Senators 2*

I will be spending the night of the Senators first home playoff game @ Haymarket to visit with their 3 Loopsters ! Just not sure if it will be Luray or Waynesboro that will be coming to town?

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