Washington Post dominates my day on Day 64 of Around The Valley in 60 Days

Please check out the post from Mr. Greg Brill that will appear just below this one. Today is the hardest day of the work cycle for our real job- Page County Distributor of the Washington Post.

I call my writings on the days that Greg Maddux pitches "Every 5TH Day" so I should call our "billing" Saturday "Every 4TH Week". The job and the hours are tough enough but one week-end out of four it becomes a 48 hour stretch of non-stop crazy. From Saturday afternoon until Monday afternoon we go pretty much non stop. That is without a baseball game to go to, but have no worries because I have created enough of the paper work to do during the 2 & 1/2 loop down to Staunton and back and will be at Gypsy Hill Park for the 7:30 PM start time.

If this week-end is already enough on it's own, the Washington Post is raising the price of the daily edition up to .75 cents from the current .50 cents in all of the outer markets. So for any Post readers in Harrisonburg, Luray, New Market, Woodstock, Staunton or Waynesboro you will be paying .75 cents on Monday morning.

This is bad for three reasons... The first reason is an obvious one but it is the second and third one that really hurt. The second reason is the paper will still say .50 cents on it and in little bitty fine print it will read "May be higher in outer markets(more than 50 miles out from D.C.)". I do mean in little fine print!

The third reason makes the second one sting even more- The price increase it to cover THEIR transportation cost. Translation- will as distributors will not be seeing ANY of the increase. So, to recap my customers will be required to pay more-the price won't be correct on the paper so it will appear to be us doing the increasing- and we won't see anything on the other end...

I have told people all season that I live in a world that the glass is half full but this one is putting me to the test. But I only have to think back to April 1ST when the Richmond Times-Dispatch tapped all of their help over the entire western half of the state and said- Thanks for your years of help but come April 30TH we will no longer be needing your help. So I guess taking the fall for a move that I do understand to be a necessity does beat losing your business as a whole.

But then is one of our nicest customers, Mr. Monte Layman, that told me that he only reads the paper everyday for the Sports section. The Post did say that they ran a story about the price increase so that some people would know it is coming- I'm guessing they didn't run it in the Sports section! P.S- Monte- The WP Sports section is the only section I feel qualified to read as the rest of the paper is beyond my grasp...

As exhausted as I am, going to a baseball game tonight will be a nice diversion! Hope to see you down in Staunton!

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