Melissa Dodge behind the Lens as the Rebels close out the season

Saying thank you to a pair off 3-year Rebels- Kevin Dietrich & Dale Brannon
Mrs. Alger giving Kevin a good-bye Hug!
Close up of Kevin (UNC-Pembroke) and Dale (U-Conn)
I hear that Dale played 1 inning at all nine spots- Here he is behind the plate
Here he is with the first baseman's glove on
Left side of the infield
Now the outfield !
Then for the ninth & tenth- The Mound
Where he ended up being the winning pitcher !
Thanks so much to both of these fine young men for all of the memories and Thanks to Melissa for sending in the pics!


Anonymous said…
Thanks for posting these, Jerry (Rebecca!),
I'm surprised the photos of the good-bye ceremony came out--it's awfully hard to tell if your camera is focusing correctly w/ tears in your eyes!

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