Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Melissa Dodge behind the Lens as the Rebels close out the season

Saying thank you to a pair off 3-year Rebels- Kevin Dietrich & Dale Brannon
Mrs. Alger giving Kevin a good-bye Hug!
Close up of Kevin (UNC-Pembroke) and Dale (U-Conn)
I hear that Dale played 1 inning at all nine spots- Here he is behind the plate
Here he is with the first baseman's glove on
Left side of the infield
Now the outfield !
Then for the ninth & tenth- The Mound
Where he ended up being the winning pitcher !
Thanks so much to both of these fine young men for all of the memories and Thanks to Melissa for sending in the pics!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these, Jerry (Rebecca!),
I'm surprised the photos of the good-bye ceremony came out--it's awfully hard to tell if your camera is focusing correctly w/ tears in your eyes!