Day-#58- Good Sunday Morning to All !

Day 60 is coming fast and I must admit that Rebecca really worked hard on the Turks stuff while her brother Chris and I were out delivering the Sunday Post! She posted a video clip of the celebration that took place at Memorial Stadium last night and you will find it just below this post.
She didn't stop there... After she was done creating the video she stayed busy posting all of the pics from last night as well. Now Day 60 is a SPECIAL, SPECIAL day for us but fore a different reason then you might think. Rebecca will turn 18 on Tuesday- the day that falls between the make-up games and the playoffs.
I noticed and directed people over to John Leonard's site when I read his initial award list and then I noticed G-S-G Mike had sent one in as well. It made me start thinking- I will leave the nuts and bolts to those much smarter than me and yes I consider John and Mike both to be smarter than me...
But I did want to have some fun with the season so I will create some fun awards to kick around: Okay on 9-10-11 I dabble a bit in logic..

1. The manager with the highest winning %- That would be UN-defeated skipper Bill Turner of Luray (1-0).
2. The player I would want running down the first base line if my life depended on it- Kevin Dietrich (UNC-Pembroke/New Market). I have been around baseball all of my life and Kevin is the player that most reminds me of the hustle that was Pete Rose.
3. Most polite player to then hit a Home Run- Jeff Jefferson (Liberty U./Luray). Picks up the catchers mask off the ground and then goes yard!
4. Quick thinker of the Year- That would be Dizzy down in Covington with a close second going to the Ladies running the Senators.
5. Two ladies that can flat sing the National Anthem- Tacey Hawkins and Barbara Black.
6. Two people that work a great deal harder than you would ever think possible- Kevin out of the VBL office & John Leonard.
7. The Wizard of Oz Award- This award goes to Mr. Bill Turner (Luray). Bruce Alger and his broadcast crew got me intersted in the VBL but Bill allowed me to look behind the curtain of a VBL franchise.Thanks a Million Bill & Joanie Turner
8. Two ladies that work as hard on game night at their parks as anybody at any level- Kay Snyder and Teresa Wease.
9. Greg Maddux Award Winner (Best Right Hander) - Travis Smink (VMI/Luray)
10. Tom Glavine Award Winner (Best Lefty ) - Adam Liberatore (Tenn Tech/ Waynesboro)
11. Another pitcher I would pay money to watch pitch - Lance Baxter (South Alabama/Staunton ).
12. Most creative Fans Award- Waynesboro Generals
13. Most Diehard Fans- Haymarket Joe / Generals Sign Guy Mike / Melissa Dodge
14. Biggest Surprise of the Season- Lawrence "Big Picture" Nesselrodt (Waynesboro) but I must note that watching John Lowery Jr. work his magic on Betty Phillips the other day scored him some points.
15. I've come a long way in a short time - Diane Buckley (L) in just her second year of being a VBL G.M
16. Brand New Owner of the Year- Mr. Caruthers of Lexington- welcome aboard..
17. Biggest home field advantage- Staunton Braves- Not only do they have the numbers but they also sit them on your head.
18. Best place to broadcast a game- easy- The Crows Nest at Rebel Park
19. Best Field in the VBL- Fauquier Gators
20. Best stadium in the VBL- "The Bing"
21. Best Park and Host in the VBL- Bruce Alger and Rebel Park
22. Nicest overall facility - Haymarket has a number of perks- Clean, crisp, lots of parking,open spaces around the field...
23. Player that I miss the most- That would be Clay Kelly (DBU/Luray) I hope summer classes are going well.
24. Neatest family I've met this season- This is a difficult one because I have so many neat folks but I'll give the nod to Keith Jefferson and his family with the Birmingham's a close second.
25. I talk a great deal about my daughters and all that they have done over the summer to help this project but I need to mention my boys for a second. We have one that is serving in the Dessert and the younger one is trying really hard to keep our family business running while we have this project of ours going...
Everytime I sit down here at wonder if I have the energy to type out some more thoughts I will check the site Dashboard and look at the number of readers we had the previous day and then it just becomes a little bit easier.

26. Travis Smink (L) and Ross Fetterly (NM)have to be two of the funnier baseball players I have ever spent time around.
27.Player I didn't know about before the VBL season began that I will follow closely thru John's sight- Mickey Wiswall (Winchester).
Time to try and get some rest before heading out to Bulldog Field for the Woodstock- Luray game where we will be honoring our host familes. Rebecca will be over at Rebel Park to share in the ceremony with Melissa, Charlie, Noah and Kay...

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