Night #59 & Every 5TH Day make for a wild ride ! Maddux moves into 10Th on All-Time K's List

It's 12:28 AM and it is time to start typing away but I don't know where to start...

**** Maddux left the game in the 6TH inning with an 8-3 lead and a runner on base and now the score is 8-4 in the top of the 8TH. Maybe the win less streak will end at 14 games (0-5, 9 ND) if the bullpen can get just 4 more outs!
I just posted a incredibly well written message left about the Around The Valley ceremony Sunday night at Rebel Park. I smiled while I was reading it and then smiled a second time when I saw who sent it in! Please check it out when you have a minute.

****The bullpen has allowed the Diamondbacks to load the bases without a single hit and the tying run is now at the plate...

What a great night all Around The Valley! Winchester, Staunton and Haymarket all had the night off as the other 8 teams had one game left to make-up from the season. Four games were played and they were decided by just six runs. Three 1 run games and all of those took extra innings to declare a winner. Lets go Around The Valley-

@Woodstock-7 over Fauquier 6 - 12 Innings
Tip of the cap to the River Bandits. Donn Foltz's troops had dropped 9 straight and fell out of playoff contention but they rallied to close out their season with a pair of victories over the #2 & #3 seeds in the upcoming playoffs. The Gators will be home to host Covington in their playoff opener Tuesday night...

@New Market-9 over Front Royal 8 - 10 innings
Another great effort by a pair of teams that knew their season was going to end after the final out. Front Royal scored a run in the top of the 10TH to take an 8-7 lead but the Rebels rallied to score a pair of runs in the bottom of the frame to win their final home game. Mike Mooney walked with the bases loaded to break the 8-8 tie!

@Harrisonburg-10 over Covington 7 (Just 9 innings)
The Turks needed to defeat the Lumberjacks to claim the 7TH playoff spot and did just that but Covington didn't go down without a fight. Mrs. Turks and I were trading scores back and forth all night so we could figure out who was going where for the first round of the playoffs...
Here is how it went call by call-

Covington ---- 0 ---1--- 1 ----3--- 5--- 7
(Inning)------(3)-- (4)- (4)-- (6) -(9)- Final
Harrisonburg- 2--- 2 ---4---- 8-- 10 --10

* The Padres bullpen is back at it as they have allowed the score to become 8-5 in the ninth..

Covington was locked in at the number six spot and knew they were heading over to Fauquier on Tuesday night. Harrisonburg finished on a high note with two straight wins to go from the brink up to the #7 spot...

That takes us to the Waynesboro Generals @ Luray Wranglers contest and we have to start with the 20 minute pre-game ceremony...

Trevor Hoffman is the seventh Padre hurler to take the mound and he just recorded the final out in Greg's 351ST win of his career!!! Save #22 on the season for Trevor and I will be back after I celebrate a win that took 70 days or so to come about!

*** Maddux passed Phil Niekro for #10 on the All-Time Strike Out List in the 3RD inning!

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