Monday, July 28, 2008

Party of Eight - Turks join the VBL post season Party!

Harrisonburg joined the post season to round out the playoff field for the VBL Saturday night with their 8-3 victory over New Market. The Turks will play Covington in a make-up game back at Memorial Stadium Monday night. If the Turks can get by the Lumberjacks they will claim the #7 spot but if they lose they will fall into a tie with Haymarket.
Haymarket lost their regular season finale at home against Fauquier Sunday night to open the door for the Turks. I know that John is out west tonight and he will be giving you all of the angles on the remaining possibilities. Check them out over at

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Anonymous said...

Now we know the 8 teams, it is just what spots they will fill when tommorrow is done with. I will be looking forward to hear what happens after I get back from Washington D.C. in the middle of the morning.