10 Reasons Last Nights Celebration in Waynesboro was so Cool !

I wanted to wait until Generals Sign Buy Mike and his post had sat atop of the blog for a spell before adding my own notes about the ceremony from last night. I knew during the drive down to Waynesboro that we were in good hands and the night would be special- just didn't know how special. 10 reasons that is was special? I think I can pull that off...

10. Every park in the VBL has a group of core fans that support their teams but the "Cameron Crazies of the VBL" as they go by are in a class by themselves. Every player gets a nick name, most get at least one special chant and if Mike is around there is a good chance they will end up with their own sign. They were there to celebrate last night with one of their own!

9. Tabitha Lunsford and Beverly Henderson, the two young ladies that were the first non-family members to finish (Yes- for those of you keeping score at home- I do consider Bruce Alger family) were there with their cameras to try and help capture the moment for their good friends on their special night. The four of them had car pooled over to the Waynesboro @ Fauquier contest that completed the loop for Mike and Chuckie and they were there together again last night.

8.Mike mentioned about Chuckie being nervous, yet he tossed a strike? There was a stretch of about five minutes during the warm-ups that I played a game of pitch and catch with Chuck to give him a chance to get ready for his big debut. I knew he would be ready for his big moment!

7. ESPN 1240- The BOSS- Waynesboro is one of the VBL teams that has a radio contract that goes along with the web cast of each home game. The Turks and the Royals both dabble with their home games (very well, I might add) but Covington and Waynesboro are the teams that have someone at every game home or away. Chip and Sean take turns calling the games and every now and then they will call them together. Last night it was Sean calling the game and not only does the duo help support the idea but Sean had Mike on the air for a stretch last night after his big moment. Two big moments in the same night for G-S-G Mike !

6. Staying on the topic of Sean- I was on the air with Sean for a stretch last night and when he mentioned he had been to all 11 parks, I had to ask where was his passport?
"It is in my glove box, where I put it when we met back on Opening Night." The fact that Sean didn't always remember to collect his stamp doesn't slow him down on talking about his love for the VBL or how neat of an experience it has been to travel to all 11 parks this season. Our paths have crossed a number of places this year and there was Sean talking about the site and how much he enjoyed reading about the VBL. I call high school football games with Chip during the fall on ESPN-1240 so I am familiar with the reasons Sean does the things he does and we here at ATV-60 appreciate his efforts. How much ?
Enough to make him a honorary member of the ATV-60 family despite missing a couple of his stamps due to having his hands full when he showed up at the park to work that night. While his name won't go into the official drawing held at the end of the season (don't want to lower any ones chances of winning) I want to applaud the efforts of this young man and the energy he puts into promoting both the VBL and the Generals.

Stay tuned for the Top-5 reasons from last night!

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