Haymarket at Waynesboro in Photos

Generals fans line both base lines
...after getting a great shot of the Superfans cheering in the crowd! I'm jealous that he got that footage.

Mike- you are one of a Kind
Mike's completed passport !
Working to get the diamond ready
Never too young to get them started
The Dynamic Duo just moments before
Saade helding out to the field
To be joined by his mates - Austin Morgan
Ryan Adams
Grant Buckner
Derek Hamblen
The Lefty- Adam Liberatore
Skipper Lawrence Nesselrodt
Tonights game sponsors
Not tonight, as get to enter with our special guests
Skip and the Umpires just before getting started
Crowd favorite Brandon Sizemore
The Senators bench
Crowd shot from 3RD base
Sidewalk sale at the Generals mobile Store
Haymarket pitcher ready for action
Austin Morgan at the dish
Closer look at the sale items!
"The Rock"
Not one but two TV cameras !
Chuckie amongst his fellow fans
The view from the visiting bench
The hill at Kate Collins
The fans were ready to support their team
Mike and Sean having some on-air fun!
Tonights line up cards
Crowd shot
Sizemore would later homer
Check out the Sens styling bus
Pretty cool or in this case hot
The back is kinda spooky
The Nators
Mound meeting with Adam and the infield
The crafty left hander getting ready to pitch
Early scoreboard action
We worked hard to get these baseballs
We can't forget the Generals team puppy !
Mike & Chuckie back in their normal seats
Nice shirt! I approve :)

The Generals planning out their attack
These two made it quite a close race. Definitely a photo finish!

After "B-Size's" homer.

Haymarket Joe with Sean showing off his completed Passport!
Mike with H-Joe's welcoming sign !
Haymarket Joe and Sean talking about the VBL
Another day at the office for Mr. Liberatore (now 6-0)

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