Pics from the Day Game of our Twin Bill- Day #56 @ Winchester

Skipper John Lowery Jr. running infield practice
The Turks doing the same
Mrs. Turks heading back to her group of fans
Mr. Ken - Web Master for the Royals
Mr. Jim Shipp
Skipper Bob Wease and his first mate Mark Klosinski
The Royals players having fun looking at Ken's team photo( Teresa working our camera)
These guys were killing me with their descriptions of how they looked (Teresa)
John and Betty leading up to the big moment (Teresa)
Time for the National Anthem (Teresa)
Priceless ! (Teresa)
We couldn't of done it without John ! (Teresa)
Group pic with this special lady ! (Teresa)
So, to thank her for all of her help with our camera, I thank her by taking a photo of her trying to eat lunch. That is Lisa to her left and Mr. Precise to her right.
Mr. & Mrs. Precise there to cheer on their son and all of his team mates
Pitching duel early on
After her big day started in the ticket booth, Betty was selling 50-50 tickets
With a little help from Chris Rigo
Ken enjoying the game with his wife
Mark Jones & Bob Sawyer hard at work !
This might be the most serious look I've seen on young Bobby (R) all season.
The Turks leaders taking in the action
Michigan's Mike Dufek at the plate
More Turks Loopsters that collected their final stamp yesterday!
Lisa, Teresa and Lisa's daughter Greta showing off their passports!
1 run thanks to Mickey Wiswall
Young Turks fans seeking shade
The Turks bull pen waiting for the call
The chase was on for a foul ball!
Trying to create a 4-headed Turk monster !
Skip coaching 3RD base
If the day wasn't warm enough-try it with something covering your face!
Michael gets welcomed home after his 3-Run Dinger
One more shot of the proud parents!
Precise holding on a Winchester runner
The cap of the day during the afternoon session
The family made the drive up from Alabama
and were joined by Ms. Jordan Hobson
Turk's Austin Sloan pitching in the 8TH
Royals team meeting after the 5-3 victory
The man of the hour- Mickey Wiswall
After the game- Michael joins up with his family!

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