Haymarket at Waynesboro by GeneralsSignGuyMike

A Night to Remember!
Michael Kerr

What a great night it was. First off I was able to throw out the first pitch along with Chuck Harris for the Generals game versus the Haymarket Senators. I will admit my pitch was a ball and a two-hopper sinker. A little more higher then its a strike but it will be always a moment I will cherish. Chuckie threw a strike right down the middle and he will tell you that he was very nervous, which I wasn't nervous at all. After that we both got congratulated by the whole team.

In the 2nd inning I joined in on the ESPN 1240 broadcast along with Sean. We talked about the ATV-60 journey to all the ballparks and talked about what was my favorite place to visit and what I thought about going to each ballpark. Then talked about the nicknames of each ballplayer, we have a nickname for every player expect for Michael Parker but we will work on that. In the bottom half talked about the VLB playoffs to come next week and what matchup I would like to see and the dream matchup to have in the finals and talked about Washington Redskins football, I will mention I am going to my very first NFL game here on Oct.12 when the Skins face off against the Rams and then again on Nov. 3 when they face the Steelers. I will probably on again in the booth come playoff time. This will be a night that I won't forget and 2 dreams came true.

To cap off a great night the Waynesboro Generals defeated the Haymarket Senators 12-2, behind a huge night from Brandon Sizemore who returned to the lineup for the 1st time since July 3rd as a DH. He went 2-4 with a 3-run HR, and a 2 RBI double. He now leads the team in home runs with 6 and has 24 RBI's. Welcome back to the lineup B-SIZE!!

Adam Liberatore was the starter tonight and got his sixth win and is (6-0), He didn't have his best stuff but only gave up 2 runs on 2 hits but had 7 walks and 2 K's in 5 1/3 innings but the offense helped him out tonight. "Pistol" Pete Vandenbout came in for 1 1/3 innings and had a big night with 3 K's giving up 0 runs or hits.

Chris Greiner was the losing pitcher for the Senators, he is now (2-3) and went 4 1/3 innings giving up 7 runs on 6 hits with 2 K's. With the win the Waynesboro Generals improved their home record to a league best (16-4), last year they were (15-6). The Generals (27-12) stayed 4 1/2 games ahead of the Staunton Braves (23-17) and they will face off tommorrow, with a Generals win tomorrow they will clinch the division. Waynesboro and Staunton will face off again on Friday and Sunday. The Generals are still 1 1/2 games behind the #1 overall seed Luray and can move it to 1 game while the Wranglers are idle tomorrow. Waynesboro and Luray will face off next Monday in Wrangerville. Haymarket fell to (15-24) and would be the #8 seed if the playoffs started today. The Senators will be facing Covington (21-18) tomorrow at home. The playoffs will be here next week and I can't wait. July 22, 2008 a night to always remember.


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