A Little Belatedly... Staunton and Haymarket at Luray in Photos


Gus Miller (OSU) is at the plate on Seth's computer

From the press box...

The Sens enjoying some late dinner after the game

Great 9TH inning rally made the game close

Trying to get as many players in one shot as possible

More Haymarket post game meal pics

The owners' day is never done, even more so when they are on the road.


Mr.G stops by for one final thank you for our help with the Luray Fire Department golf outing. We were happy to help and Bubba, Juno and co. did a great job again this year.

Barbara Black-Creator of the Baseball Stones

We missed Seth so much that it took 2 people to replace him

A big night for Luray dingers!

ATV-60 Loopsters Kenny & Ellen Grant @ Bulldog Field

Braves GM Steve Cox & The Commish

Great to see Kay sitting & smiling with Boyd!

The Chicken Dance- The Chicken Dance

More Chicken Dance!

Actual Game action

Austin Markel at the dish

More Austin Markel

Is that Travis Smik with a bat in his hand?

And Kyle running the bases ?

A little more normal game action

I hope all of that comes out in the wash.

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