Great News in the E-Mail Inbox from Haymarket !

Just got back in from the double header over in Harrisonburg and I found some pretty cool stuff waiting for me in the E-Mail inbox. The first was from Mr. Depotter as he had sent us more cool photos, the second one was a recap of the adventures of Generals Sign Guy Mike and Chuckie from their trek Around The Valley and the third one was from Mr. Scott Parker.
Mr. Parker (Scott) and his 7 year old daughter Emma finished their ATV-60 Loop last Thursday July 17TH when their Haymarket Senators traveled down to Rebel Park to play New Market. We hope to make some plans that will allow the Parker's to share their story with us and also find the time to get together to celebrate with them.
Scott and Emma are the first Loopsters from the outer 3 teams (Haymarket, Fauquier & Covington) to complete the trek and will be joined tomorrow night by none other than Haymarket Joe. Joe will be collecting his final stamp for the tour when the Sens play at Waynesboro.
Welcome to the gang- Scott and Emma! See you tomorrow H-Joe !

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