Staunton at Waynesboro in Photos.. The Generals win the pennant, The Generals win the pennant!

How hard did in rain here at the Park ?
The scary clouds and fog would not scare us off our adventure
No baseball here either @ Rebel Park
But I wanted to see Melissa throw out her 1ST pitch!
Not today- maybe later
The sign says: GO and you will find it (baseball that is)
Chip is talking baseball on ESPN-1240- THE BOSS
We know that no one is home and Teresa's Place- They were supposed to be in Winchester
Could that really be the sun? There is still hope!
Or not ? We were just like the dogs in the commercial.. Gotta have Bacon or in this case baseball!
The Promised Land at the end of the rainbow
Staunton @ Waynesboro- I hear this is a big game
All of these folks thought so too!
Rain- we aren't afraid of no stinkin rain!
There were folks everywhere!
I hear that tonight could be something special for the Generals!
Nat and the gang always keeping them all fed
Waynesboro added 2 in the bottom of the 5TH to give Bradshaw some breathing room
Did I mention fans everywhere?
That looks like fun. Can I try it next!
Yes- I can!
Check out to arm motion
Braves meet at the mound to sort things out
That is Bryan on the Left- Smooth as silk
ATV-60 Loopsters - Kenny & Ellen Grant !
Kay Snyder watching her Braves play
Can you identify all 5 Generals in this pic?
Game Action with the Braves
The Hill !
The Braves are trying to rally- cut the lead to 7-4
My man- Chip.. Talking Generals baseball on WTON-1240
I think they know something special is about to happen
I missed the Gatorade dumping but did catch the ice on the ground
The Generals win and capture the South !
We when a pennant and we get food !
This makes us all very, very Happy !

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