Welcome to ATV-60 LOOPSTERS #29 & #30 on Night 53!

We had two very distinguished gentlemen join the ranks of the completed ATV-60 family as both Charlie Dodge (New Market) and Haymarket-Joe (Haymarket) collected their 12TH and final stamps on their passports down in Augusta County Tuesday night.

I was up in the press box when the time came to stamp Joe's final square and Shirley was kind enough to let me have the honor of stamping the Generals logo. Charlie traveled down to Staunton with his family to watch their Rebels battle the Staunton Braves and we will be at Rebel Park tomorrow night when Charlie, Melissa and Noah walk out to the mound for their 1ST pitch. The Dodge's have been big supporters of the ATV-60 since the beginning at we are looking forward to sharing their moment with them Wednesday night.

H-Joe makes it three from Haymarket and this is a very pleasant surprise. The Sens fans showed up in large numbers down in Covington for the All-Star game and now have had 3 complete the ATV-60 Loop for the summer! H-Joe does a number of things to help support both his team and the VBL and for this we salute him.

Charlie & Joe- WELCOME !

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