Thursday, April 3, 2008

A tip of the Cap to Mr. Chris Graham

My mission to spread the word about Around The Valley in 60 days received a big boost today from Chris Graham of the Augusta Free Press and The Sports Dominion ! I started the week with a little understanding of the talents of Mr.Graham and company but I was still presently surprised with the quality of both his work and his level of interest. Chris put together a short story and 16 minute broadcast from a conversation we shared this week and it was just what the doctor ordered.

Chris and I share a number of things and it was fun to talk with him at length about the upcoming tour. Chris is a serious, skilled writer and a baseball fan while I am a writer and a
serious baseball fan so it was a very pleasant conversation from the start. Most people covering the world today are looking to dig up dirt and UN-cover the big story but I get the impression that Chris gets what we are trying to do with this promotion.

The Valley Baseball League teams are owned by 11 everyday folks that I have come to know over the past 3 years and are out here for the love of the game! Their staffs are full of hard working people from the community that donate their time every summer to make our experience at their parks more enjoyable. We are simply trying to make it fun to come out and see a baseball game for the fans.

Our conversation lasted over 20 minutes and we talked about a large number of topics but sadly one very important part fell onto the editing floor. My wife (Linda) and sons (Andrew, Bradley and Chris) are on board with the idea but I would be lost without my two daughters.

My oldest (Sabrena) listened to the entire broadcast and while she was very pleased with the end result she asked her Dad while he failed to mention his own two person editorial staff.
Sabrena (Grad student @ Liberty University in Lynchburg) handles the designs and art work, including our way cool logo. My youngest of five (Rebecca) is a first-year student @ UVA and is charge of the website and blog info. Yes, just like the team owners, I to would be lost without my "staff".

For those of you not familiar with the Augusta Free Press you should take a look at a great
on-line publication. As for Mr.Graham- I look forward to seeing you at a ball park real soon!

Mr. Maddux will have to wait another day for win #348

Every baseball fan has a favorite player and / or a favorite team and I am very loyal to my Baseball Hero- Mr. Greg Maddux. Maddux went from being a high school pitcher no college was looking to sign to a soon to be 42 (April 14) year old on the verge of re-writing history.

The Professor had his first start of the young season last night for San Diego against visiting Houston and while he didn't have his best stuff he was in line for a victory when manager Bud Black pinch hit for him in the bottom of the sixth inning.

My level of respect for Maddux has increased over the years due to our both being in our early 40's. I struggle to walk 9 holes of golf carrying my bag at this age and Maddux was out there diving for ground balls like someone half his/our age. He made two stops that would qualify for web gems on ESPN Baseball Tonight!

The bullpen let the game get away from them in the late innings, including a melt down from fellow future hall-of-famer, Trevor Hoffman. Greg enters the season just 27 wins shy of becoming the third all-time winningest picture in the 100+ year HISTORY of the greatest game ever played. In a day and time when steriods dominate the headlines it is so very refreshing to watch someone that looks like he should be doing your tax return continue to retire major leaugers.

Don't worry... In five days Greg will be back doing his stuff and giving me another reason to smile!