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Year 5 is under way !

On August 8, 2010 we began our fifth year of service with the Washington Post. A number of things have changed in that time with the biggest being the continued expansion of our area with the Post. In the good ole days we (Crystal Clear Delivery) were responsible for Luray(22835) and parts of Page County. There were four managers that held the same posistion as myself back then but now there is just us. The towns of Stanley (22851), Shenandoah (22849), New Market (22844), Edinburg (22824) Mount Jackson (22842), Woodstock (22664), Bryce Mountain/Bayse (22810), Quicksburg(22847), Toms Brook (22660), Maurertown (22644), Fishers Hill (22626), Strasburg (22657 & 22641), Star Tannery (22654) Orkney Springs (22845) and Rileyville (22650) have all joined the family!

Today's Question - Credit Card Payments

The Washington Post has a toll free number 1-800-477-4679 for all customers that wish to pay for their subscription with a credit card. They can handle all types of transactions involving all major credit cards. The system is automated and your choices are as follows: Press 1 - To start a subscription Press 2 - For a missed or damaged newspaper Press 3 - For a Vacation Stop with a re-start date Press 4 - To Cancel your newspaper Press 5 - To ask a billing question Press 0 - To speak with an operator